Blog: CNN on Clearwater & More from the Tampa Bay Times - 2019-10-26

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F376.png CNN on Clearwater & More from the Tampa Bay Times October 26, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Earlier today I chatted briefly with Michael Smerconish on CNN. Unfortunately, there is no embed code for the video so you have to click HERE to watch it.

It was a VERY short piece, not really enough time to explain such complex issues, but it is good to see national media paying some attention to this issue. Hopefully more media outlets than just the Tampa Bay Times will want to dig in to this.

Tracey McManus also published a new story concerning community reaction to middle-of-the-night distribution of Freedom magazines. As usual, the glossy hype of scientology's PR effort does nothing but worsen the public perception of scientology. It is reminiscent of the Freedom they put out after the Truth Rundown series that caused many scientologists at the time to jump ship.