Blog: COVID - 19 Propaganda - 2020-08-19

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F376.png COVID - 19 Propaganda August 19, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Someone sent me a link to this new "book" about how wonderful scientology is for their brilliant handling of the COVID-19 situation. But of course, nobody gives them credit for the amazing job they have done.

This lady seems to be trying to make a case for the enormous aid that scientology has provided. I doubt she has seen any such thing herself, but has just glanced at some photos and videos of Defcon7 spraying in some outpost in Africa, and just "knows" this "sort of thing" is happening all over the world, because after all, the VMs ARE the largest private relief force on earth (if you listen to their propaganda)...

I will give her a pass on her english and grammar as she is apparently Lithuanian, and her english is certainly better than my Lithuanian — but I will say that if I was going to publish something in Lithuanian, I would have a native speaker check my work beforehand. She apparently didn't think that was necessary.