Blog: CSN Desperate for Content - 2018-08-08

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F376.png CSN Desperate for Content August 8, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Apparently the CSN is short of content to put on the air. If you have ever tried to watch it, you will know this is true. They have about 24 hours of total programming that they repeat over and over. It's almost entirely the same stuff on today as was airing the day it launched.

I know many cable stations repeat some programming, usually their hit/important shows. Not everything they broadcast. CSN should have a tag line — "Groundhog Day brought to life."

So, they are asking people to send them free stuff they can air. Sort of like a "Writers of the Future" for film and documentary makers who don't mind being associated with scientology (either that, or their work will be unattributed...) That narrows the field to scientologists only. There are few of those, and mostly they already work for Gold or SuMP. So good luck with this.