Blog: CSRT Staff Report Directly To Miscavige Daily - 2014-08-26

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F376.png CSRT Staff Report Directly To Miscavige Daily August 26, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This just in. A new begging email from Sheryle Festa trying to pitch the "L. Ron Hubbard Hall" as something urgent for planetary clearing. Or something.

I am going to compile a posting about the L. Ron Hubbard Hall boondoggle at some point, but I just wanted quickly get this one out as it contains a remarkable bit of honesty.

Chairman of the Board is over this project — there are no vias — there is no via between the Staff of CSRT and Chairman of the Board. He is overseeing every detail. Each day CSRT Staff report directly to Chairman of the Board. They are Commodore Messengers of the highest order as they execute all FUTURE EXPANSION for LRH as directed by Chairman of the Board.