Blog: California is All Ideal - 2020-02-23

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F376.png California is All Ideal February 23, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The great ribbon yanking ceremony was held at the Ventura industrial facility yesterday, and they came from all over the United States to witness the wonder of Dear Leader spouting Shermanspeak.

A special correspondent was there to get some shots — though of course, scientology had done their best to keep the prying eyes of wogs and malcontents from getting anywhere close to the "festivities".

Our correspondent reports they had blocked off the road where the Org is. Security was across the freeway and all along the road attempting to prevent those damned public from seeing what was going on. They estimated the crowd size was about 2000, but consisted mostly of SO members from LA and Gold. The number of Ventura Mission and Santa Barbara Org people there was maybe 20 - 30...