Blog: Casablanca Is Prepared to Deliver - 2012-07-30

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F0.png Casablanca Is Prepared to Deliver July 30, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Having spent most of this year working on de-fanging the beast – largely uncompensated and nonetheless rather successfully – we are gearing up for delivery once again. We are prepared to deliver the entire Scientology grade chart. We are particularly ready to assist those who are interested in moving on up from their corporate Scientology experiences. If after having read What Is Wrong With Scientology?, and understanding the need or desirability to evolve and transcend from Scientology Inc, you are yet still feeling somehow held back by masses or energies or some dots that just won't connect or disconnect, we can assist with the process of overcoming those barriers. That goes for anyone at any level of experience with the 'church' or the subject of Scientology.

I am particularly interested in working with those OT VIIs (comps or people who have audited substantial hours) and OT VIIIs who recognize their gains but also sense there are other dimensions of concern that advanced spiritual awareness makes perceptible. In my view there is no reason to abandon the skills you have worked to achieve. Rather than invalidate them, think instead of honing them toward handling those zones to which your intuition leads.

Those interested in real Scientology and transcendence beyond where corporate Scientology can take one, give us a holler at to schedule. We are now scheduling the month of September through the end of the year.