Blog: Casablanca Update - 2011-02-24

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F0.png Casablanca Update February 24, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Casablanca turns out to be an apt name for our modest abode. There is never a dull moment. People scheduled months in advance are likely to meet the most fascinating folks who come through on an emergency basis. While what people face on the other side of the Wall contain similar elements, each being and the story he or she lives and the challenges they face are unique.

In the the past three weeks alone we have hosted four people who have informed me about being approached by OSA agents to infiltrate and disrupt our lives. Four people in three weeks. Four people who refused, and made their way half way across the country to tell me about it. Now, if the subjects of four failed attempts have made it to my place in a three week span, how many attempted infiltrations and disruptions do you think OSA operatives have attempted in the past two years?

What does all this mean?