Blog: Censorship and Hypocrisy - 2016-05-02

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F0.png Censorship and Hypocrisy May 2, 2016, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Tony Ortega's blogging campaign against my wife Monique and me over the past three months has resulted in the largest wave of hate we have experienced in several years. We even saw that an erstwhile friend published an unsolicited psychiatric evaluation (including still more falsehoods) to explain our behavior as characterized by Ortega. The following descriptions of Monique (some referred to both her and me) written by Bunker regulars and published by Ortega pretty much sum up the sentiments Ortega has fueled:

"Sympathy? I has none.

Monique, no respect. NONE. Sympathy? Nope. I never want to hear from these losers again