Blog: Champions of Human Rights - Yeah Right... - 2011-12-17

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F0.png Champions of Human Rights - Yeah Right... December 17, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

by Mike Rinder

How ironic is the latest Press Release from the RCS? Once again, you are warned to put down any hot coffee and grab yourself a barf bag.

The arrogance of asserted superiority and "facts" in the face of stark evidence to the contrary is not limited to POB at his international circus tent performances. Apparently the assertions know no bounds and are being spewed into the broad public arena too. Like the infamous "Comical Ali" (Saddam Hussein's propaganda spouting spokesman) it seems the RCS thinks that if they pronounce obvious, massive lies with a straight face, the world will believe them. And, like Comical Ali they are oblivious to the fact that everyone is laughing at them.