Blog: Christmas - 2012-12-23

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F0.png Christmas December 23, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Christmas marks the postulated birthday of Jesus Christ. While some say the holiday can be traced back to a day of worship of the Sun at the outset of its return from its shortest day of the year, the Christ birth narrative is the story that has stood the test of time and garnered the most widespread acceptance. You can choose whatever story you like best, and so it will be with God according to a wonderful movie now in theaters, Life of Pi. Incidentally, I highly recommend you go out and see Pi if you haven't already. A perfect holiday entertainment.

Another movie I watched recently inspired this post. That is The Quantum Activist featuring quantum theorist Amit Goswami. In the film, Goswami explains how quantum theory relates to consciousness. In doing so he touches on the advice of Christ to love one's enemies. While I have heard the advice so many times before, including in L. Ron Hubbard's What Is Greatness?, I have generally found it difficult to apply. I suppose it was a combination of other recent reading, particularly Ken Wilber's work on integral spirituality and others on quantum mechanics and its relationship to consciousness, combined with life experiences that set the stage for Goswami to reach home to me.

Per the King James Bible, book of Matthew, Jesus Christ is reported as saying: