Blog: Church Spokesman Karin Pouw Destroys OT3 - OT8 - 2015-09-13

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F0.png Church Spokesman Karin Pouw Destroys OT3 - OT8 September 13, 2015, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

The Tampa Bay Times has just published another blockbuster story on the Church of Scientology. The story focuses on CPA and attorney Jim Jackson who was in the Church for decades.

While I will publish an analysis in a future post, I want to note here that Church of Scientology spokesperson Karin Pouw has just effectively destroyed Scientology in her attack on Jim Jackson:

Pouw then said Jackson was telling people he was communicating with the dead, including Hubbard. That indicates he is "delusional" and "certifiably insane," she said.