Blog: Church of Scientology -- Ashamed of their Own Websites - 2013-04-08

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F376.png Church of Scientology -- Ashamed of their Own Websites April 8, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Thanks to Karen De LaCarriere and Steve Hall for bringing this to my attention. And kudos to DeathHamster for the good work in documenting the facts for the world to see.

Please read this new posting on Steve Hall's site exposing the activities of the Church in putting up hate sites about anyone who dares speak about the RCS or its associated entities....

All those who have been honored with one or more of these sites knows where they come from. But their source is masked because they are so filled with lies and vitriol the church doesnt want to be associated with them. And perhaps is even afraid of being sued for libel or other causes of action. So, like the cowards they are, they put up lies and mask their identities. Luke Catton didnt mask his identity or take pot-shots from the shadows. Neither have any of the others subjected to these smears.