Blog: Church of Scientology Buys Heaven - 2013-04-06

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F0.png Church of Scientology Buys Heaven April 6, 2013, Miss Fortune, Glistening, Quivering Underbelly

That sound you heard this fine morning was Larry Hagman turning over (and over and over) in his grave.

The Ventura County Star reports that a Scientology-linked non profit has bought the late actor Larry Hagman's Ojai estate -- dubbed "Heaven" by Hagman -- for $5 million cash.

According to the VC Star, the 32-acre property atop Sulphur Mountain sold for $5 million cash to Social Betterment Properties International, a nonprofit that states its mission is to "develop and maintain buildings and other real estate utilized by social betterment organizations carrying out programs that utilize technology and methods developed by L. Ron Hubbard and that are associated with and supported by the Scientology religion."