Blog: Clear Certainty Is A Clear Fail - 2015-08-31

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F376.png Clear Certainty Is A Clear Fail August 31, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Remember back in early July the "new" Clear Certainty Rundown was announced. It was version 3 of something that Miscavige had earlier brought "totally in tech" and "exactly as LRH wanted it."

And at the time, there was much hype about how every org is sending a "Clear Certainty Team" to Flag for a fast training program. Only take a week or two.

Well, now nearly 2 months later only ONE team has apparently completed and returned to their org in WUS. And you can bet they are ahead of the non-US areas, and probably EUS too. This is typical of any of these training programs at Flag. They run months, and sometimes YEARS over the promoted time. Plenty of staff have gone to Flag for training and been gone for 5 YEARS or more. Flag takes advantage of these people as indentured servants to supervise and audit their public, while billing the orgs enormous amounts for the "training."