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F0.png Clear and Beyond July 11, 2014, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The lower level scientology program up to the state of Clear is a directed form of client-centered psychotherapy. One doctor fully trained in both client-centered therapy and scientology has astutely written that 'directed client-centered therapy' is an apparent oxymoron. That may in fact be a critical entry point for the bipolar quality that seems embedded throughout scientology. Nonetheless, the description of the end product of the scientology lower levels is nearly identical to that described as the self-actualization end product of client-centered therapy.

When a person reaches the Clear state - resembling common notions of self-actualization - he is indoctrinated into the secrets of the universe. Fully grasping those secrets requires the adoption of a form of multiple personality disorder. Incidentally, and not the impetus for this observation, modern mental health recognizes that certain psychotherapeutic practices can serve as a causation factor for mpd. Scientology secrets inform the individual that in fact he is not an individual at all. Instead he is a 'composite being', consisting of a potential infinity of separate, distinct individuals. Each individual member of the composite has quadrillions of years of its own experiential history that it brings to the dizzy equation. Extraordinary, and expensive to the seeker, measures are employed to ensure the scientologist believes this universe view with utter certitude. For several tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars the advanced scientologist is invited to address and release each of his or her parasite personalities. The process entails hundreds or thousands of individual sessions. The process takes many years. The individual completes this penultimate scientology advanced level when there are apparently no more personalities left but his own.

The scientologist then pays another ten to twenty thousand dollars for the privilege of determining which of the lifetimes of those now allegedly departed parasite personalities he mistook for his own. That is what L. Ron Hubbard left behind as his legacy.