Blog: Clearwater Belongs To Us, Wogs Not Welcome - 2014-10-29

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F376.png Clearwater Belongs To Us, Wogs Not Welcome October 29, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A local Special Correspondent sent this in this morning and I thought it worth reprinting. Pity the media don't REALLY analyze what is going on.

The article is on MyFox Tampa Bay, headlined: "Church of Scientology expresses opposition to proposed aquarium."

Aside from the main message that the Church is opposed to plans to move the Clearwater Marine Aquarium downtown, there is this quote, "The objections to the project were coupled with a recent economic impact study conducted by Florida State University. It says the Church directly provides 4,300 jobs in the Clearwater area, with a direct economic impact of $432 million."