Blog: Clive Rabey Lets It All Hang Out - 2014-05-27

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F376.png Clive Rabey Lets It All Hang Out May 27, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Clive's "big release" event over the weekend, with vital news that everyone MUST hear, seems to be encapsulated in his email below. (I haven't received any report concerning attendance — it was difficult for any Special Correspondent to attend as when you are one of 3 people in the audience even OSA can narrow down who leaked it after 2 guesses).

I realized today that Clive reminds me of Mr. Bean, so in his honor, I included a visual to get things off on the right foot. If it's not fun it's not scientology....

The "big news" is that once they reach the 10,000 onto or through Solo NOTs, they will move on to the NEXT 10,000. Wow. That's a shock. I hope everyone was sitting down.