Blog: Close Down Scientology TV - L. Ron Hubbard Says So - 2020-11-22

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F376.png Close Down Scientology TV - L. Ron Hubbard Says So November 22, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is an email sent around to scientologists recently by one of the bubble zealots.

The words of LRH are sacred. I don't think they even read them before they pass them on half the time. They know they will look smart and get agreement if they quote LRH. So they send out anything and everything. And include the exact source reference — something from the 50's is valid today simply because it's "important data by LRH." Everything LRH ever said is "important data."

Now, the truth of what he says about being bombarded by "heavy particles," by even a cathode ray tube TV is debatable. I am not well enough versed in these things to know, though I suspect this might be a claim on the order of not smoking enough causes cancer. What is not debatable however, is that you couldn't find a "tube tv" anywhere these days. They are all "flat screen" — LED, OLED, Plasma. I think the last CRT Tv may have been sold in the 80's... But that doesn't stop any good scientologists from sending out an irrelevant quote like this as an urgent thing that everyone must read.