Blog: Coming Out Publicly as an Ex-Scientologist - 2014-03-19

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F0.png Coming Out Publicly as an Ex-Scientologist March 19, 2014, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

Originally published February 23, 2014 on Mike Rinder's blog (here).

I spent my entire adult life as a professional Scientology staff member. I started taking classes when I was 15 and joined staff at the age of 17. I joined the Sea Organization when I was 25 and stayed in until I was 43.

I trained as a Pro Course Supervisor and Word Clearer, Class 0 Auditor and Purification Rundown In-Charge. I also trained as a Data Series Evaluator and Org Manager, amongst many other things. I completed all of The Basics books and lectures after they were released in 2006, as well as the LRH Congresses and a panoply of other lectures and materials (including many issues that public may never see as they were "confidential Sea Org references" concerning management and administration). When it comes to Scientology and Sea Organization policy and tech, I can unequivocally state that I am an expert.