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F0.png Confront of Evil January 21, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

JB told me that just prior to his blow from the Int base last Spring that he felt particularly ill at ease after a brief encounter he had with David Miscavige's father, trumpeter Ron Miscavige Sr. Ron stopped JB as he was walking across the base and asked him if he knew about me and others being interviewed by Anderson Cooper of CNN. JB knew little to nothing about it at that time and communicated as much. Ron, faced flushed red and trembling, said "they ought to be shot." Mike and I know that Ron Miscavige receives his briefings about such "external flaps" directly and only from David Miscavige. When JB learned that, the incident was all the more chilling to him. He then connected the dots with another incident that occurred just prior to that, wherein Miscavige's communicator asked JB to retrieve a .38 caliber pistol from the guns room for Dave. From the descriptions the pistol belonged to me. The church failed to send it along when I demanded all of my personal MEST after leaving. All of this was reported to law enforcement authorities and it has been investigated thoroughly. So that nobody get too excited about it, apparently, the intended op was not to have me murdered with my own gun, but instead to somehow link it to my brother's murder thirty-one years ago, five years before the gun was even manufactured. To add irony to insanity, the gun was given to me as a gift by Miscavige and I had only shot it once on his exclusive target range at the Int base because I had to per protocol come there when invited by him. Law enforcement found out that the gun was in fact registered to Rick Aznaran, a former staff member who double hatted as Guns I/C on the base in the eighties. Incidentally, most guns – dozens of them – on the base were so registered, and David Miscavige is the ONLY person who controls, and thus effectively owns, all of them. His personal arsenal makes David Koresh look like a kid with a sling shot.

This op is typical of the buffoonery practiced under the "leadership" of David Miscavige. For those unfamiliar with the matter concerning my brother's death, please see:

I tell you this not to frighten you, but instead to illustrate how apparencies projected by a criminal organization can appear far more sinister and threatening than they are in fact. JB – who had more than thirty years on staff – was pretty concerned about my personal physical safety (and bless him for offering to implement all manner of security measures at my home). I could have found a hole to crawl into. But Mike and I knew with certainty, from years inside the evil ops circle, that the facts JB knew were going to wind up fizzling in some comedic, albeit, sick dead end. And so, we reported it but turned most of our attention to getting the show on the road. And JB, holding his position in space against twenty coyotes sent to retrieve him, calmly observing events as they unfolded, decompressing, and learning to comfortably confront evil rather than let it get him, is living a marvelous and fulfilling life.