Blog: Corporate Scientology Aggression - 2011-12-13

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F0.png Corporate Scientology Aggression December 13, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

While I was out of town once this summer, Mosey had a lengthy, frank, off-camera conversation with the non-Scientologist minders of the corporate Scientologists who harassed us every day for one hundred and ninety nine days straight. Monique asked them "what do we need to do to make you people go away?" The answer was "Marty needs to stop talking to the media." Besides the fact that that unguarded, presumably honest answer put the lie to the entire "Squirrel Busters" front of being here to burn heretics, Mosey did not hesitate for a moment to inform the hired guns that their answer demonstrated the double-digit IQ mentality of their boss, David Miscavige. Mosey informed them that "Marty hadn't spoken to any media for months, until you goons showed up and made it an ongoing hard news story."

Apparently so much so, that Village Voice Editor in Chief Tony Ortega listed it first in introducing a year-end poll on the top Scientology story of the year. Here's Tony's summation:

1. Marty Rathbun besieged by the Squirrel Busters