Blog: Corporate Scientology Implosion - 2011-07-07

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F0.png Corporate Scientology Implosion July 7, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

More evidence that Cult leader David Miscavige has gone stark, staring mad is surfacing by the day. While he employees round the clock teams of between one and two dozen Private Eyes and OTAs on me and Mike Rinder each, his empire is going down in flames. Janet Reitman is only beginning the promotion tour for her book Inside Scientology. And her central conclusion that the church is imploding and reform is only possible from without is being published far and wide in her initial interviews. Miscavige cannot do anything about Reitman because virtually all of his resources are tied up in Texas and Florida making lulz videos. Implosion, meltdown, or tipping point? Or all three in one? Rome burns while Nero plays with his fiddle.

Time Magazine interview:,8599,2080870-1,00.html