Blog: Corporate Scientology and Corporate Internet Interests - 2010-10-31

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F0.png Corporate Scientology and Corporate Internet Interests October 31, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Over the past two years the corporate church has spent millions of dollars on the internet combatting the Truth Rundown. They have gone so far as to register dozens of domain names using my full name and created a number of sites and blogs with them attempting to divert traffic from this blog. They have bought huge amounts of internet advertising with CNN, St Pete Times, and a number of other major media. They have paid Google to place pop up ads for their childish propaganda when someone googles my name.

Coincidentally Google refuses to list my blog in it is news updates under the subject of Scientology. They list a number of blogs and sites that have a small fraction of the traffic Moving On Up A Little Higher has. Sites that do not post news, unrefuted, unchallenged and in many cases news that despite the corporate church's best efforts goes viral, as routinely occurs here.

I didn't intend to make an issue out of this because despite these monied interests' efforts to quiet us, visitor stats just keep climbing. But I decided to take a broader issue up after Geir Isene wrote to me recently. Geir informed me how he was exiled from Facebook by the intelligence and PR efforts of the corporate church. You can read Geir's account at the following link: