Blog: Correlation Without Causation - 2019-08-05

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F376.png Correlation Without Causation August 5, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology loves to claim they are responsible for "Clearing the planet" and "bettering society" — proclaiming they are "slaying the four modern horsemen of the apocalypse, drugs, illiteracy, criminality and immorality." They routinely take credit for all sorts of things: reducing crime in Colombia by 50%, increasing literacy rates in third world countries, eradicating gang violence etc. They find a statistic and then claim "we handed out 74,000 copies of WTH and the number of divorces in Denmark is lowest in a decade. " It is clear (in their minds) that this is incontrovertible evidence that "WTH solved divorces in Denmark" and "we are making a better society thanks to the IAS and COB"... This scenario is repeated in every scientology major event ever held. (They ignore their role when the divorce rate goes back up — that of course is the psychs at work).

This is what is known as correlation without causation. Less eggs were laid in Georgia last year than the year before. More red M&Ms were consumed than ever last year. Thus eating red M&Ms causes chickens not lay eggs. This is scientology "logic".

Scientology also loves graphs - though they often have no numbers on them and are not verifiable in any way.