Blog: Council for Spiritual Integrity - 2012-03-20

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F0.png Council for Spiritual Integrity March 20, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

In the mid 1980's a Class VIII Auditor named Ian Waxler headed a group called The Council for Spiritual Integrity. He recently sent me an April 1985 newsletter The Free Spirit that the council published. A copy of it can be accessed at the end of this post.

I highly recommend people giving it a thorough read. After having done so myself I recognized a couple of important things.

The parallels between what was happening in the field in the mid eighties and now are remarkable. The newsletter reads much like this blog in terms of issues the field was contending with. Though many doubt it, I had very little exposure to the "Independent" movement of the eighties. As will be made very clear in my book between 81 and 85 I was thoroughly consumed in dealing with dozens of lawsuits and a number of criminal investigations targeting L Ron Hubbard. It was not till November of 1984 that I was thrust into the Mayo/Advanced Ability Center lawsuit, in my position as Legal Executive Author Services Inc, as it was perceived that then-RTC honchos had thoroughly screwed it up. Even then, it was only one of dozens of disrelated lawsuits I remained involved in. By the time I got into RTC, March 1987, there was little to nothing going on overtly in the Independent field, at least nothing that effected the church very greatly. I give this brief history to make the point how remarkable I find it that Moving on Up A Little Higher so parallels The Free Spirit. Uncanny in some respects, like choosing July 4th for an annual Independents' get-together.