Blog: Counter In-tent-ion Update -- The Circus is Coming to Town - 2013-11-09

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F376.png Counter In-tent-ion Update -- The Circus is Coming to Town November 9, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Charlie Frago of the Tampa Bay Times has provided a new update on the requirements the church has to meet to satisfy the city for the GAG II/Sooper Power weekend of over-the-top back-patting and self-congratulations that the planet is at last now being cleared by a building.

Looks like the city is basically allowing the church to close off Fort Harrison to hold the ribbon cutting. This is good news for all outside observers. Glimpses will be had of the magnificent celebrations, what He has to say will be heard ringing through the streets of Clearwater for believer and non-believers alike, and it will be possible to count the people in attendance. It will be a very interesting measure of the straight up and vertical expansion He has been talking about for years now. With 12,000 Scientologists in the Clearwater area, two St Hill Size Ideal Orgs right across the bay in Tampa and press gangs out around the world shangaiing people to arrive, the gathering should be truly impressive. This after all IS the single biggest and monumental event in the history of the church universe.

I wonder how high He is going to erect walls and fences to try to keep those pesky locals from seeing this wonderful gift to the city being christened like the Titanic. 10 feet? 12 feet? And how many off duty cops and PI's will be on duty to ensure He is safe from the marauding mobs of senior citizens that inhabit downtown Clearwater area who want to see the inside of this monster they have been staring at for a decade that has had paper over all its windows.