Blog: Counterfeit Dreams by Jefferson Hawkins - 2010-09-05

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F0.png Counterfeit Dreams by Jefferson Hawkins September 5, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Jeff Hawkin's Counterfeit Dreams is now completed in hardback and available at

Anyone who has been effected or affected by the disclosures on this blog,, the St Petersburg Times' Truth Rundown Series, Anderson Cooper's History of Violence series, or ABC Nightlines two-part October '09 piece on Scientology, should order and read Counterfeit Dreams.

Jeff's book adds context, credibility, and light to all of the above references. While I had a bird's eye view of much of the insanity he recounts, reading Counterfeit gave me a far better understanding of it. Jeff contributes a remarkably detailed account of many events I had some part in but did not know the full effects of. Having familiarity with many of the larger events of which Jeff shares his perspective, his book rings resoundingly true to me.