Blog: Crazy "Source" Quotes - 2019-05-28

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F376.png Crazy "Source" Quotes May 28, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientologists love to quote L. Ron Hubbard (or "Source" as he liked to be referred to) for literally everything.

If Source pronounced it, then it is holy truth. If he said he had visited Heaven or Mars or psychs came from an evil planet called Farsec or you wash windows with newspaper — these things were literally true.

They choose odd things to extract from his writings and "speakings" — sometimes they are completely out of context and have no meaning whatsoever, sometimes they are grandiose pronouncements of the importance of scientology and his technology, other times they are "stories" that have no basis in fact. None of this matters to a real scientologist. The word of L. Ron Hubbard is never to be questioned. At all.