Blog: Critical Q&A 142 - 2018-01-07

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F0.png Critical Q&A #142 January 7, 2018, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

The weekly show where I answer viewer questions from the comments to my Q&A episodes or sent to me by email at This week, the questions answered are:

(1) As a military veteran, I am versed in the rank structure of all the branches of the US military. I am also aware of what the different insignias represent, what the different levels of responsibility come with those particular grades or ranks, and what is required to be promoted to the next higher grade (each branch of the military having their own special type of requirements such as physical fitness, decorations, and testing procedures). What is typically required to be promoted from the lowest rank to the highest in the Sea Org? Does a new Sea Org member start off with the rank of seaman and progressively make their way up the chain?

(2) I am currently in the process of unravelling an array of spirituals ideas that I have taken on board over the last couple of decades. I realised that one big idea that I accepted without really looking into it was: "Advances in quantum physics are bringing science and spirituality together. We are seeing how consciousness creates the world around us." I can find lots of spiritual information about this online, and we all liked to quote the double-slit experiment as 'proof', I cannot find anything to debunk it. I have, on several occasions, pulled this one on scientists, and then shaken my head at them when they got angry. They were so close-minded, they just didn't get it man, LOL. Does Scientology use this line too? I would love to see you have a discussion with a scientist and take critical thinking to this.