Blog: Critical Q&A 180 - 2018-10-07

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F0.png Critical Q&A #180 October 7, 2018, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

(1) How did Scientologists react to the obvious and serious anti-Scientology, unethical behavior that David Miscavige's sister was involved in via drugs/alcohol when it was reported on back in 2013? I'd imagine it made the local paper due to the connection to the elephant in the area. I'd suppose UTRs, regular public and maybe some brave personnel circulated it via social media and the like and the stories on The Bunker. Not to mention it sounds like a full out PR/flap in the eyes of DM. I wonder if/how he explained this to his whales/celebrity followers considering how close to the center his sister was or is? Thank you and keep up the amazing information. What you are doing is important.

(2) I wanted to know if you're watching the Kavanaugh hearings. I feel this calls for real critical thinking, and wonder if you're going to discuss this. It's just that I hear this accused judge filibustering, deflecting, character assassinating anyone questioning his innocence, etc and then I hear the media commentators saying they hear him sounding forthcoming and sincere and feel like we're watching different proceedings. I did find the doctor credible and not at all controversial. Would you weigh in on this and can you or anyone cut through the smoke. I think I'm seeing "bad acting" and "lying".

(3) Did Scientology have the regular, over-the-top events in such large venues before Miscavige took control?