Blog: Critical Q&A 203 - 2019-03-17

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F0.png Critical Q&A #203 March 17, 2019, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

The weekly show where I answer viewer questions based on what was left in the comment sections of my Q&A videos or sent to me by email at This week, the questions I answer are:

(1) Most ex members seem to have left because Miscavige made the organization unbearable. However, I think, as an outsider, the blame still belongs to Hubbard. He was Victor Frankenstein, and Miscavige was his creation. Do you think if Hubbard were here today, would he have a tirade and ask Miscavige what he did to his enterprise? Or, would he pat him on the back and say, "Well done, Grasshopper, I trained you well!" If Hubbard had lived longer and there were no Miscavige in charged, would YOU have stayed? Would you STILL be in?

(2) I was curious if you had any opinions, theories or done any research on the origins of Hubbard's Demon Circuits in Dianetics. These endless engram loops that are supposedly part of the analytic mind are interesting and different conceptually from the classic engram reactive mind stuff that supposedly is what dogs humans. I was hoping you could explain them to me in your clear logical way because I have never heard any other theories except the psychological view of the unconscious on where these patterns come from.