Blog: Critical Q&A 80 - 2016-10-22

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F0.png Critical Q&A #80 October 22, 2016, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

The weekly show where I answer questions left for me in the comments section of my Q&A videos or sent to me by email at This week, the questions I answer are:

(1) Chris, one element of LRH's space opera mythos that is still vague to me involves Farsec, the supposed origin planet for the Psychs. What is its role in the greater Galactic Confederation? How and why did the Psychs end up working for Xenu? What is their interest in Earth? Can you please sum up, briefly, what you know about all this? Thanks, and keep up the good work!

(2) You've mentioned a few times in your Q&As that errors in preclears' case files are constantly found, and of course, correcting the errors are at the pre-clears' expense; unquestionably an opportunity to siphon more money. My question is has the Church ever internally acknowledged problematic auditors by demoting or removing them because of obvious incompetence and who clearly had no business auditing other people?