Blog: Dave's Christmas Vacation - 2017-12-26

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F376.png Dave's Christmas Vacation December 26, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Well, no surprise to see the Diminutive One show up in S. Africa for the perfunctory ribbon yanking of a second "ideal" building to add to the empty Joburg org just down the way...

Why would the "ecclesiastical leader of the scientology religion" fly 12,000 miles to South Africa two days before Christmas and schedule the "New Year's" event for 16 December, two weeks before New Years?

Best answer: because he planned a little vacation for himself in S. Africa. What a great opportunity to make a trip to the furthest reaches of earth, away from the pesky media, courts and whistle-blowers that keep him locked inside his compounds and afraid to step into public view without security guards, barbed wire fences and rows of bushes and trees to keep the "wogs" at bay.