Blog: David Miscavige's McBridge - 2009-10-26

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F0.png David Miscavige's McBridge October 26, 2009, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

Well, the first completion from Flag's Grades program has rolled off the line, and is being touted all over LA as the poster child for David Miscavige's new, faster-than-ever Grades. As you may have heard, all OT Ambassadors have been given "mandatory" orders to select people to Flag for their Grades. They have stiff quotas, and are being pounded to get more people to Flag.

Never mind that this takes preclears from their local orgs, who are already struggling to get by, with their course rooms and HGCs empty. Never mind that it is the Orgs who are supposed to deliver Grades, and then select them to the AOs and then to Flag. Never mind such a minor thing as Bridge flow. No, don't think about those things - they have to be gotten to Flag fast so they can be signed up fast, so they can get through their Grades fast.

And exactly how are they getting them through their Grades so fast? Well, because they are delivering Quad Grades, not Expanded Grades. Yes, that's right, Quad Grades.