Blog: David Miscavige - The Hagiography - 2018-10-10

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F376.png David Miscavige - The Hagiography October 10, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Someone brought to my attention a website I had not seen before. It is entirely devoted to the virtues of the only True Leader, David Miscavige —

No doubt it is a response to the increasing volume of critical media about scientology and Miscavige. He wants to combat the bad news, but is afraid to speak to the media. So, he gets his minions to build a website for him with retouched, staged photos, glowing tributes and a series of brown-nosing videos that are pretty amazing. They are cringeworthy rehearsed statements from a variety of people — Sea Org, staff and "parishioners." They all look alike, with perfectly framed, coiffed and rehearsed statements about the wonders of "Mr. Miscavige"/"Chairman of the Board." Every person looks terrified that they might say something wrong or use an inappropriate form of address for True Leader. They are a frightening study in cult mentality.

You can look at them for yourself, but I recommend not eating before doing so (funny, all the Jive Aces scored a spot on the honored list probably because the SuMP crew was in the UK with Miscavige prior to the IAS event...)