Blog: David Miscavige Is A Squirrel -- L. Ron Hubbard Says So - 2013-03-31

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F376.png David Miscavige Is A Squirrel -- L. Ron Hubbard Says So March 31, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

There is a constant stream of demands for funds from Scientologists to finance David Miscagive's follies. From his PI's and rented Peeping Tom outposts (spying on detractors) to the waste of useless printed promotion and massive numbers of useless books sent to libraries.

But that sort of insanity should be fairly easy to see. There is a more covert but perhaps more pervasive side of the story of financial crimes. One that is highlighted by a widely circulated email from the relentless "fundraisers" for "Ideal Orgs."

Just as with the LRH Birthday Game, they are foisting off apparent LRH quotes to justify their off-policy activities. They have not merely taken a quote out of context, but quoted from the VERY reference that explains how fees for SERVICES pays for buildings and everything else (including all activities of the IAS…) to apparently bless the idea that everyone should ALSO give money for "Idle Orgs."