Blog: David Miscavige Paranoia At Fever Pitch In "Scientology City" - 2013-05-12

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F376.png David Miscavige Paranoia At Fever Pitch In "Scientology City" May 12, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

See the idiotic lengths Corporate Scientology went to in order to try to prevent Mark Bunker from shooting the ribbon cutting ceremony of the "Ideal Org" in "Scientology City" (known to the rest of the world as Portland Oregon). Tony Ortega has had a running commentary provided by Mark Bunker documenting the events on his blog.

One has to ask the question: Why bother?

Miscavige jets into Portland to speak, along with some other duped "OLs" to "the public" on THE STREET. Yet he is absolutely paranoid about Mark Bunker accessing a vantage point to film the proceedings. The church pulled some sort of film permit that allowed them to limit access to a 4 block area. You can sort of understand that a movie studio may not want the key scene of a movie given away many months before it is released to the public. But an event supposedly to "announce the opening of our new facility to SERVICE this community and people from all walks of life" (and believe me, that WILL be in the speech by Miscavige and probably by the other "officials" they conned into taking the stage with the Chairman of the Blind).