Blog: David Miscavige on the Internet and Scientology - 2012-05-11

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F0.png David Miscavige on the Internet and Scientology May 11, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Attached is but one of dozens of utterances of David Miscavige that are recorded and excerpted by his staff and delivered to International Scientology Inc Management as orders on a daily basis. As we have covered before, Miscavige orders on any given subject never seem to end and more often than not conflict with previous Miscavige orders. They also more often than not conflict with L. Ron Hubbard policy. The Miscavige orders take precedence over L. Ron Hubbard policy - and the standing order that all Miscavige orders ,such as the one below, must be word cleared method 9 (a method implanting the message into the head of the reader) by the recipients guarantees that. The net result is nothing gets done - except apparently alteration of L. Ron Hubbard's words and the six annual events Miscavige lies and preens at. Wanna know why the church of Scientology will not catch up with the times and make L. Ron Hubbard tech available to the world? This order from Miscavige will give you some insight.


25 Feb 2003