Blog: David Miscavige the Cheater - 2011-08-03

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F0.png David Miscavige the Cheater August 3, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

One of the essences of Reverse Scientology as practiced in the Radical Corporate organization is to indoctrinate through the CULTure there that life is not a game. No, they are taught that life is a deadly serious activity. They are conditioned to believe that life is an arduous struggle against evil enemies intent on enslavement - and that any lapse in seriousness about this is a transgression requiring adjustment of attitude. Adjustment toward a much more solid, black and white, us vs. them, seriousness. The Radical Corporate Scientology view is that of its leader David Miscavige. Win at any cost; defeat the designated enemy by any means necessary. Become whatever it is that the leader has you resist. And above all, NEVER question the enemy status of anyone Botox Dave fingers. Thus, the cult has become a sorry example of that which Scientology once served as an alternative to: intolerant, warring institutions.

Miscavige the Cheat

Those who know or knew Miscavige personally will tell you that he is incapable of the activity of games, by pure definition. He is obsessed with using "games" to create "no-games" conditions (that is he must dominate and overwhelm into nothingness every opponent - real or imagined - he perceives as confronting him).