Blog: David Wilson is Channeling David Miscavige - 2013-10-10

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F376.png David Wilson is Channeling David Miscavige October 10, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Some people speak to God. Some talk to Jesus.

David Wilson communes with David Miscavige to provide his inspiration.

He is so in tune with Dear Leader, he can tell what he is thinking just by looking at him while he is soaking up the applause after telling everyone he hasnt quite figured out when GAG II is going to be released — because he personally has to write 50 programs. And in the 15 years the building has been "under construction" there just wasnt time to write some programs. And he just brought all the ED's to Flag and he didnt have the programs written? But now he has turned another complete cluster fuck of his own creation into something to be admired as an amazing feat of personal sacrifice as only He can pull off — He is Personally going to write the programs. How strange it is to listen to his lawyers desperately trying to keep him insulated from those he has harmed assert to the courts that "Mr. Miscavige has no management function, he is like the Pope" and other complete lies.