Blog: Debating or Engaging Online with Scientologists - 2017-05-04

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F0.png Debating or Engaging Online with Scientologists May 4, 2017, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

Hello everyone. Today we're going to talk about social media engagement with Scientologists. All of this information would apply to engaging in real life too, of course, and earlier videos I've made about how to talk to people who are in destructive cults are still totally valid. I just thought it would be useful to talk specifically about social media, especially since we often find ourselves engaging with total strangers online, which is a very different thing than talking to family members or friends we have known for years. I'll be talking about Scientologists but all of this really applies to members of any destructive cult or cohersive group.

I got some help from my girl friend, Melissa, ("Hello") who will help define some of the terms I'm using and demonstrate some of the points I'm making.

Many times I have seen on Twitter, Facebook and even Instragram and Pinterest, people engage with existing Scientologists in an effort to change their mind or get them to "wake up" about the realities of Scientology as a destructive cult. It's a valiant effort but unless you happen to be talking to someone who is in the last stages of already questioning their faith, so to speak, it would be a miracle if you were actually to succeed in changing their mind or even get them to respond positively to what you are telling them.