Blog: Debbie Cook Defense Fund - 2012-01-23

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F0.png Debbie Cook Defense Fund January 23, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I have received credible inside information from corporate Scientology sources who have been right on the money in the past. Here is the word. Miscavige's larger firms, with reputations to protect, flat out refused to go after Debbie Cook on David Miscavige's direct orders to bury her for alleged gag order violations. Hence, Miscavige was reduced to using his safety valve in such circumstances; the perpetually Kool Aid drunk Kendrick (unindicted co-conspirator in US v Mary Sue Hubbard, et al) Moxon.

Moxon has enlisted his 'arm's length' litigation attack dog Gary Soter of Woodland Hills, California. Soter has been representing a couple of process servers in a suit against Jason Beghe. Soter has shamelessly been defrauding the court by acting as if he is in there pitching for a couple of hapless, penniless victims who were devastated by some big shot celebrity. And he is in there pitching every single abusive, expensive legal maneuver known to shysters in an effort to destroy Jason financially. Of course, Soter does not let the court know that he is taking daily orders from Kendrick (unindicted co-conspirator) Moxon and being paid wheelbarrows of cash to make Jason's life a living hell.

Now, Soter is being used to threaten Debbie Cook Baumgarten and her husband Wayne into shivering silence. David Miscavige, who pulls Moxon's chain, figures he can shudder them into silence by the sheer financial strain of threat of litigation.