Blog: Desperation At Flag - 2013-07-10

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F376.png Desperation At Flag July 10, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A couple of desperate pleas indicate the Flag ship is taking on water despite the incredible (literally?) news being presented by Him at the Friday Nite Kumbaya Circle.

Who ever heard of free food and babysitting being offered to try to entice people to come and see Him speak? Well, it is a rerun of a rerun of a rerun, BUT people should be falling all over themselves to attend, because it IS Him speaking.... Looks like things aren't shaping up too well if they are stooping to giveaways.

I remember repeated requests for babysitting services to be provided for events and the public being told it was not the org's responsibility, parents needed to arrange their own sitters. AND show up for the event.