Blog: Disaster Capitalism - Spelled I.A.S. - 2015-04-13

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F376.png Disaster Capitalism - Spelled I.A.S. April 13, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Look up disaster capitalism in the dictionary and you will find an IAS logo and nothing else.

More IAS lying about the "largest private relief force on earth."

Funny how they can report down to the exact number how many people attended a ribbon cutting "2,763 gushing fools cheered as the ribbon was yanked" and 13,859 inches of wire was run to connect the covert video cameras in the auditing rooms in the new "ideal org" of Lower Slovobia and "a new person clicks on one of our internet sites every 6.47836 seconds" — but when it comes to reporting on "what you donations buy" with the IAS there are NO NUMBERS.