Blog: Disastrous EUS OT Committee Report - 2014-01-26

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F376.png Disastrous EUS OT Committee Report January 26, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The recent information from WUS resulted in one of our Special Correspondents forwarding this report about the EUS OT Committees to me.

It doesn't have stat grids, but what is lacks in numbers it more than makes up for with hype.

Some poor soul compiled this information to forward to "Int Management" (there is no such thing — there is no WDC. No Exec Strata. No ED Int. No Snr C/S Int. Warren MsShane testified recently that Heber is "President CSI though he is "semi-retired"). Trying to make themselves look as good as humanly possible, this report in a combination of inflated or made up bs and a LOT of omissions. It's harder to spot that they do not talk about how many people they got on the Bridge but instead talk about the number of WTH handed out.... but if you have this in mind when you read these summaries of QUARTERLY activities, it is starkly clear.