Blog: Disconnection And My Mother - 2013-09-17

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F376.png Disconnection And My Mother September 17, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Barbara center

My mother, Barbara, disconnected from me after I spoke out about Miscavige's abuses to the Tampa Bay Times.

Prior to that, even though I had escaped from the Sea Org (not as the church now likes to claim "that I was removed from all positions of authority") she maintained a mother/son relationship with me, corresponding back and forth about things that had nothing to do with Scientology. Her dogs, garden, grandchildren and great grandchildren, the weather, anything but Scientology. She told me I was her firstborn and that would always trump anything else, no matter what decisions I made in my life. I was careful to keep the communication light and unrelated to Scientology — sort of a reverse "good roads/good weather" PTS handling to ensure she was not upset. I knew it would break her (transplanted) heart to be forced to disconnect from me. Due to her age and physical condition (she had a heart transplant and two very serious car accidents that had nearly killed her) she lived with my brother and sister-in-law (until they moved her into an assisted living facility).