Blog: Do They Have Any Idea? - 2020-08-09

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F376.png Do They Have Any Idea? August 9, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This promo piece just came in...

You have to wonder if these people have a clue what they are supporting?

The two beauty queen pageanters seem to be more of what we have seen in the past. Meghan Fialkoff somehow managed to get her foot in the door of this world and there have been a few examples who have been called out on Tony Ortega's blog. These beauty queens are willing dupes looking for a "cause" they can say they support to sound good on their resume. Being anti-drug is a popular one. The scientology front groups make it easy for them and provide materials and help and it all seems to be legitimate. They apparently don't do any google searches and pretty soon their images will be being seen in scientology publications and at events as "supporters."