Blog: Doomsday Dave - KoS pt 2 - 2011-04-18

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F0.png Doomsday Dave - KoS pt 2 April 18, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

What follows occurred eight years after the 1996 Golden Age of Tech implant, where Miscavige guaranteed public Scientologists that he had forever, absolutely solved TRs and Metering and all other barriers to rapid, standard training of auditors. With that, though not stated and apparently unnoticed by the many, Miscavige was also saying "Ron was wrong, his idea about the TRs and Metering films helping supervisors solve the making of auditors was plain silly." You may recall that in 1996 Miscavige proudly announced that based on his own "breakthroughs" that all orgs, including all Class V orgs, would be making "perfect" auditors with alacrity and in abundance.

Eight years later Miscavige – ignoring his eight year old definitive and absolute claims – let his OT Ambassador friends in on a little secret. In his 2004, Maiden Voyage Anniversary private OT Summit briefing, he acknowledged to the Ambassadors that students were taking literally "years" to get through his Golden Age of Tech metering course. How he got away with blaming it on others is a marvel – given that from May 1996 forward he claimed consistently that he was Scientology's tech God. But you can see for yourself that his event implant technology apparently was the ONLY thing he kept working like a charm.

And without mentioning that his 1996 hi-tech marvels (Quantum meter, reads simulator, and the doomsday machine super slow down playback reads critique player), in 2004 he promised to introduced yet another electronic via gadget to the line-up. Recognize too, that here we are, another seven years later, and he hasn't delivered on that new doomsday machine. He said the doomsday machine would result in – oops didn't he say that in 96? – perfect auditors being made in abundance in every org in the world. But, he said, it would be unviable to install immediately because it would cost perhaps 20,000 per org to replicate and install. In the interim, he has collected hundreds of millions to build pretty MEST orgs across the world. But, no new doomsday machines in any of them. And so, fifteen years have passed since David Miscavige "solved" metering by forever assuring metering is a lost science inside his "church."