Blog: Down The Rabbit Hole - 2013-07-05

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F376.png Down The Rabbit Hole July 5, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is a glimpse of the distorted, unreal world of illusion where nothing is normal that is the church of Scientology today.

As the Mad Hatter has made clear, EVERY org has to have trainees through GAT II before it can be released (and that doesn't seem to be going too well as instead of a GAT II release event there is a special international showing of his 1993 self promotional video, see last post "Miscavige Waving Red Flag")

And as he has also stated every Friday, ongoing right now, right here is the largest training program in the history of Scientology: GAT II. 800 trainees are now at Flag (that is MORE than 4 for every org) though several people who have been in downtown Clearwater to see all these trainees have been unable to locate them at meal times or at the end of the day? (Maybe this is like the 10 million Scientologists — they are really hard to see because they don't exist?).