Blog: Dress for Excess: The New Ideal Org Uniforms - 2009-08-07

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F0.png Dress for Excess: The New Ideal Org Uniforms August 7, 2009, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

In the latest edition of International Scientology News are photographs of new designs for Ideal Org staff uniforms. Let's set aside the differing opinions about these black and red outfits for the moment (some find them classy, some think they look like vampire costumes, and one fashion website, Refinery29, said they looked like "magician flight attendants"). And let's set aside questions of practicality (Wool? Really? In LA or Florida? And heels for female staff?).

The real question is David Miscavige's priorities.

The outfits were designed by Hollywood celebrity fashion designer and Project Runway guest judge Richard Tyler. Outside of dressing a number of celebrity wives at this year's Oscars, Tyler is maybe best known for outfitting Northwest/Delta flight attendants, a job that ended in controversy, with Delta's heavier attendants complaining that his signature sexy red dresses had not been provided in plus sizes.